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Maximize your restaurant's potential with Our QR Menu - Digital Menu and Ordering System, premium plan. Set up customized QR menu options, including online ordering and payment processing. Improve your customers' dining experience and streamline your operations with this powerful tool. Try it now!

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QR Menu settings

▸ OUR QRMENU has many features to ease your menu management and to improve your customers ordering experience. Your can can easily control – on /off, each feature as per your requirement.

▸ Call the waiter

ⓘ Your customers can use this feature to call the waiter to their table. You will will get a sound alert and notification with table number on your dashboard.

▸ Ordering Options

  • On Table
  • Room Service
  • Self Service
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery Order

ⓘ Can choose the required ordering method that suits your requirements.

▸ Delivery charge

ⓘ You can charge a fixed amount per item quantity as packing charges from your customers or a percentage of order value.

▸ Packing charge

ⓘ You can charge a fixed amount as delivery charges from your customers.

▸ Minimum Order Value

ⓘ You can set a fixed minimum order value to enable delivery orders.

▸ Order Notification

ⓘ Enables order notifications through email.

▸ There are three notification methods available with OUR QR MENU.

  • Dashboard order notification with sound.
  • New order email notification.
  • WhatsApp order message.

➠ WhatsApp order settings

▸ After saving the ‘Restaurant’ details and settings, go to ‘WhatsApp Ordering’ tab in your admin console.

ⓘ Please turn on /off the feature as per your requirement, add your WhatsApp number and customize the message using short codes. White saving the WhatsApp settings, please ensure your country is selected, country code is shown correct (i.e. +91 for India) and mobile number is correct (e.g. +919876543210).

▸ Tip: Customize and use below given short-code message as per your requirement (i.e. if you are not using delivery then remove the message and short-code related to delivery) and do not forget to add your hotel or restaurants ‘slug’ at the end of the message.

Order Number: #{ORDER_ID}

Order Details:

Customer Details:
Thanks for the order, use this link to order again.

• Show Delivery Partners

ⓘ You can show your existing delivery partners like Swiggy and Zomato, just by providing your restaurant link.

• Tax /GST Calculation

ⓘ You can add your GST number in Account Settings and enable tax /GST calculations.

• payment options

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Online & Offline

ⓘ You can choose the required payment method for your customers to place the orders. We have all the major payment gateways covered.

▸ Available payment gateways: Paypal, Stripe, CCAvenue, Payumoney, Razorpay, Paytm.

ⓘ E.g. Sandbox /Live settings for Paytm

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